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(*after Marcel Theroux's "The book that...")

Matlacha, FL

a whimsical place

From the moment I drive in, Matlacha catches all of my attention. It can be a lot of things, but above them all it is whimsical | an elegant way to say quirky, different, cool  ... which it richly deserves.



From spring to winter and year to year, the garden changes and flourishes, yet comes back again the same. Each spring I am astounded at the tender flowers and stems that come up, as if it were the first time I see them. Which, in a way, for that new year, is exactly what happens.

Beaver Tail State Park, RI

dog through the roof

When my husband and I first met we would run into animals quite a bit, and finding animals became a thing. This one is still quite funny. That day, at the same place, we witnessed a wedding in which a dog ran down the aisle. But this comfy pup on the lookout ate the proverbial cake.

Old San Juan, PR

Botelló sculpture

One of Angel Botelló's many sculptures scattered throughout the island. This one was on the terrace of the El Convento hotel. En masse, as they are in the Old San Juan gallery, the sculptures are quite impressive. I visit the gallery, a "nook" on the way to the El Morro fort, at least twice while on the island.

Seattle, WA


What impressed me the most in Seattle was its flora. I doubt I will get the opportunity to visit again, but if I were to go I would plan to study and photograph its magnificent array of plants. Never have I seen such diversity! Nor did I expect it in a northwest city.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


My favorite Egyptian king, and he's not too far from home! Disbelief doesn't describe what I felt when I saw him the first time ... and every time since. I learned about him while researching Egyptian history for, and wrote of him in, Like A Blue Thread.


at heart

Never in a million years would I had expected to a) try an artichoke, b) like it, but it has been a favorite since the 1st time we made a simple recipe given to my husband by a friend. Plus ... they have had a place in my heart (pun intended) since my first day on campus when I was 17. A stranger, who became a good friend, told me I was an alcachofa — he had to translate and explain as I didn't know what it was in either language! Then he added: "Tough on the outside but all heart inside." I can still hear him say it.

'selfie' circa 1973, PR


What was I thinking? Ten years old. Behind a wooden cottage on stilts, with outhouse (right behind me), where we spent weekends at a friend's dairy farm to get away from the city. Some of us slept in hammocks, for the hut (that's what I remember it as) was so small.  It is where we learned to ride and groom horses, rough it out, wake up to fog and cool mornings, smoke — something I did only that one time because I thought I was going to die from coughing. Lucky me.

Valencia, Spain


I am at a loss trying to write about this Eve because she was so large and beautiful in the nighttime sky of a neighborhood in Valencia, Spain, amid throngs of people, music and food, and something so special it evades me when I want to describe it, but I feel it still. She encompasses my memories of Spain, along with the "sleepy" town of Bocairent and the city of Barcelona. In Like A Blue Thread too.