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to write or not to write, sometimes I question

There is no rhyme or reason

to how I write

as I write the way I think: in tangents.


Releasing thoughts on paper makes them real, they come alive and keep from getting lost in space — as opposed to being lost in boxes and piles, handbags and jacket pockets, golf bag.


I am not organized in my writing, and even if I were I would not follow the script. It is not in my genes, bewildering as that is even to myself. But I try and will continue to try.

I write to put on paper what I want out of my head,

write on the margins of books, scorecards, magazines, napkins.


Words are dynamic & fluid, they move. I like that because I like|need change and movement, even in stillness and silence, which at times ground me.

I type too, but often write on paper, as it draws out thoughts which at times can be unstoppable so that I can barely keep up.

Sometimes I write to see ink morph into words. To just write. For no reason.

It's why I write on everything.

Sometimes (seldom) I have the ending or title or the crux of the story, at others nothing. But I could write all the time. It's why I have pen and paper everywhere. Have 105 voice memos (have yet to put them somewhere), for when there was no pen and paper or I was driving. My commute to work used to be fifty minutes on a good day and I could think, my mind running amok, whether listening to music, the news, or in silence.

I work from home now, and

though I write less,

(makes no sense, except that the outlet of commuting, the much hated 'wasted' time, is gone), I still come up with dialogue or concepts on almost a daily basis.

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We all have a story to tell, a truth to unveil.





characterized by, or uttered in, complaint; peevish


unusually advanced in development, especially mental development


any error, impropriety, or inconsistency


(not a cocktail)

pampered & playful coquette


a series of interdependent things or events; connection

words scribbled wherever: to use or wonder, or wander

insolence | quagmire | vociferous


to write or not to write, sometimes I question

words scribbled wherever: to use or wonder, or wander